Department of Medicine & Medical Supplies

Department Introduction and Service Items

◎ pharmaceutical procurement platform: including medicines, health materials, and home care products.

◎ medical supplies warehousing, logistics, and management.

◎ medical supplies professional information consulting services

◎ Drugs, health food and drug store distribution and agency.

◎ pharmacy operation and management.


Core Expertise & Future Developments

Thanks to its excellent supply chain management, the Pharmaceutical Circulation Department’s medicine and supplies procurement platform is in a strong bargaining position to reduce drug procurement costs. Through its investment in Shengkang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Min Sheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., the Company also operates a chain of drugstores and pharmacies in the Taipei and Taoyuan areas, hence grabbing a share of the chronic prescription and non-prescription drug markets. Due to the wide range of chronic diseases prevalent in Taiwan, sales of long-term prescriptions and self-pay drugs have been increasing year by year, feeding the growth of the pharmacy industry market in Taiwan.