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Sick days/off days policy Base on Labor Standards Act
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Work Environment

In order to improve the health quality of our colleagues for work safety, based on Occupational Safety and Health Act and The Law of Occupational Safety and Hygiene, we provide annual health check-ups for our employees. Other than that, to ensure a safe work environment for our employees, prevent workplace sexual harassment, gender equality, and personal dignity, we have made rules regarding sexual harassment prevention, report, and penalty policies. Furthermore, according to Labor Standards Act,  the company has also got health insurance for the employees to make sure their safety and rights are protected.

1. Work 
1. Occupational Safety:
     (1)Sexual harassment prevention policy & procedure: the company has a committee they can report to and related policies to investigate and penalty.
     (2)Provide necessary safety and first-aid facility to decrease the harmful risks to the employees, thus prevent occupational injury.
     (3)Set up-to-standard water facilities, examine, wash, and maintain regularly.
     (4)Workplace hygiene and sanitation are maintained by a professional cleaning company to ensure workplace hygiene quality.
     (5)The workplace does workplace monitoring every year (for example carbon dioxide, noise, etc) to ensure employee health and safety.
     (6)Following Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act, no smoking at the workplace.
     (7)Workplace safety is delegated to professional security company and equip cameras to ensure employee safety.
     (8)For employee safety, other than getting health insurance for the employees, they have also provided business and non-business traveling insurances and other types of insurances.
2. Fire Safety:
     (1)Set up legitimate fire facility, which includes fire alarm, fire system, and egress system, etc.
     (2)The building of our company is delegated to qualified professional consulting company to do the functional examinations.
     (3)Held promotional events and professional classes to let the colleagues understand the egress routes and get familiar with the facilities etc.
3. Health Management:
     (1)Arrange health checkups for employees every year to ensure the safety of each employee.
     (2)The company is equipped with first aid kits and medicine.
     (3)Collaborate with the hospital to provide influenza vaccination for employees.
Collaborate with the hospital to encourage all employees to attend health talk and CPR training to prevent accidents from happening.



Employee's Relationship

Employee welfare policies, retire policies, and implementation:

  1. Employee welfare policies:
    (1)We've got labor insurance and health insurance based on Law of National Health Insurance, and take our part of the earnings as retirement pension.
    (2)Establish employee welfare committee, which provides allowances for wedding, maternity pension, consolation, scholarship, Birthday grant, traveling allowance, end of year event, celebration events, quarterly bonus, club, books, newspapers, etc.
    (3)Performance bonus: calculated based on Performance Bonus Policy provided by the Business Development Department, and going to be executed upon approval.
    (4)End of year bonus: The company will give out bonuses based on the revenue of the year, as for the question of how and other related things will be based on however the company decided to process that year.
  2. Further education and training policies:
    (1)New hires orientation and training:
    Checkin on the day assigned, the HR department is responsible for explaining HR policies, introducing the company, and then the person in charge will be responsible for introducing the supervisors, colleagues, work environment, SOP and the job description.
    (2)Employees education and training:
    To execute never stop learning, we encourage our employees to improve professional knowledge, skills and personal growth, thus increase the service quality and efficiency, which is good for the company. With that being said, we have set the "employees continuing education policy". We have put the continuing education into 2 categories, which are "in-service education" and "further education", "in-service education" includes training, courses, speeches, etc. "further education" includes personal growth or attending annual conferences, academic conferences, taking classes that are held by other organizations, etc. 
  3. Retirement policy、lay-off、occupational injury、pension and employment termination policy:
    (1)The company has set "Regulations on employees retirement, lay-off, occupational injury, and pension" for the employees. what can be considered as retirement、how to apply、how will the fee be given, and other related affairs can be found in this regulation.
    A. Retirement:
    • If you fulfilled any one of these conditions below, you are qualified for retirement.
    • Has been working for this company or its affiliated company for 25 years or above.
    • Has been working for this company or its affiliated company for 15 years or above, AND over the age of 55.
    • Has been working for this company or its affiliated company for 10 years or above, AND over the age of 60.
    • (1)Based on Article 56 of the Labor Standards Act, we put 2~15% of the employee's salary in preparing for their retirement pension.
      Retire pension should be paid by the portion that was taken out each month, and if it's not enough, it will be made up by the company. On the other hand, if the employees are following the new policy, the company put 6% of the employee's salary into their labor insurance account.
      (2)Other than following the regulations and laws, for employees who got promoted to other affiliate companies, all of the above apply to them as well, they just have to complete the reporting procedure. 
      (3)Our company has also established retirement pension committee to be in charge of preparing, securing, using the pension and other related regulations.
  4.  Agreement between labor and management team:
    For the good of the relationship between labor and the management team、encouraging the collaboration between the two、improving work efficiency, and other kinds of labor issues, according to "Regulation of Management and Labor Council" and Article 83 of Labor Standards Act, our company has established related policy, hold labor and management team council regularly to improve the relationship between labor and management team and better welfare for the company employees. The company will take care of issues based on the conclusion made during the council and they will track the progress and result on the next council.
    To keep up with the company and fully execute the system of separating work from holidays, we remind the employees to balance their life with work.
  5. Regulations to protect Employee rights:
    In order to protect our employees' rights, we give out all kinds of allowances, quarterly bonuses based on related regulations. Set retirement pension committee to be in charge of preparing, using, securing the pension and other related regulations. To deal with possible sexual harassment、protecting gender equality and self-esteem, we have set "Regulation of sexual harass prevention, reporting and punishment" based on gender equality right.



Human Rights Policy

ShareHope Med. Co., Ltd. (our company) supports and compliant International Human Rights, which includes Universal Declaration of Human RightsInternational Labor Convention, and Labor Standards Act.
As for policies, our company has set regulations to eliminate any kind of discrimination; set employee rights regulations to make sure they are protected, employee's age、work hours、day-offs and other regulations, to make sure they are all taken care of, and compliance the policies to protect their rights.

Human Rights Policies and Procedures :
1. Provide a safe and healthy work environment.
    (1)Maintain hardware facilities and Occupational safety and health procedure.
    (2)Provide annual employee health check-ups.
    (3)Avoid health risks based on the test result.
2. Eliminate illegal discrimination
     (1)Every ethnicity、nationality、religion、gender、age、social status、disability、family and marital status、political approach should be treated the same when it comes to hiring、earning、promotion、training、retirement、employment termination.
     (2)Do not interfere with employee's rights to follow any religion or other kinds of customs.
     (3)Do not allow any sort of threatening、abuse、ripping off or harassing behavior.
3. Child labors are not allowed
     We follow Labor Standards Act, do not hire anyone under the age of 16.
4. Forced laboring is forbidden   
     We do not force or threaten anyone to do any form of laboring against their will.
5. Employees should balance work with health
    (1)Reasonable work hours arrangement.
    (2)Open communication, for example: labor and management council、sexual harassment prevention and reporting system and have a conversation with the president.
    (3)Promote health-promoting events、health speeches.
    (4)Plan diverse health check-ups.  
    (5)Provide daycare discounts, implement unpaid parental leave and other regulations for the employees.

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