Basic Information



Company Name: ShareHope Medicine Inc.
Date of Establishment: November 4, 2003

Mr. Hong-ren Yang, the President and CEO of ShareHope Medicine Co., Ltd. established the corporation in 2003 based on the professional medical and pharmaceutical teams composed of professional physicians, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, and medical technologists. The corporation specializes in five areas, which are health management and its operation, the human resource dispatch of professional medical staff, the provision of medical, pharmaceutical, and health devices, the rental of medical devices, and long-distance health care. It has become the first company offering integrated medical services in Taiwan. ShareHope possesses the strongest advisory team. The leadership team guides ShareHope to made it become a listed company in 2008. ShareHope has become the first listed company in the medical service industry in Taiwan, and has successfully surpassed the restriction of traditional medical industry to create a whole new corporate value and vision